Agency in Assessment


After my Studio 5 experience, I’m on fire about taking a few things back to my own classroom. One is using the Gradual Increase of Independence continuum, especially in math. The indicators range from shared and then guided to independent and then leading. Drawing from the standards in each unit, the skill is written in kid-friendly language and the kid then assesses herself, placing the standard where she thinks she falls. She then re-assesses herself when she thinks she has moved along the continuum.

One of the things I think would be really effective and easy to implement is if a child assess himself as independent or leading in a particular skill, he would go on to SeeSaw and make a post demonstrating his independence in that area or skill. A short video would be all it took to show that he could complete that skill independently, and would give me valuable information when making my flexible math groupings. 

The same could work with our number profiles. The students already assess themselves on the skills and strategies that appear on the number profile, but this would allow them more agency when choosing to assess and share their learning. It also wouldn’t be dependent upon me having time to check-in with that particular student at that particular moment, when he or she has decided that they’re ready for a goal check-in. I’m interested to bring these thoughts back to my team and see how we can move forward in empowering our students with agency over their own learning! 


Ms. Rachel Gabbert


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