Creating Spaces

There have been countless takeaways from our time at ISHCMC and Studio 5. But one of my biggest was space. Even before we had seen Studio 5, our team had discussed allowing this year’s class to design our classrooms for the next year’s class. This fits perfectly into our area unit and gives them voice and an authentic task. Then I found out I was moving grade levels and would be in grade 5 next year. I knew I would still be able to have this year’s class design the room for next year’s third graders, but the big question was… What will I do with my new class? How can I start the year with a classroom that is aesthetically pleasing for the students and parents? Then while sitting in Studio 5 it hit me, I don’t.IMG_2097

Why not just start the year off with the question; What spaces help us to be abafundi? Let the students come up with the spaces they need, how they want it set up, and if needed, how to advocate to get those spaces supplied. Studio 5 is a purpose built area with student agency in mind. It is a wonderful space with many areas for students to move around to find the best space for them. I love that after using this space for a year they are talking about ways that they can better it with things that the students have needed throughout the year. They talked about wanting a sink, an area where kids can make messes, a quiet room, moving existing boards/walls to create a more functional space, and redesigning the cubbies so that they are more user friendly.

I love to watch teams reflect and this team did it in such a positive and collaborative way. SO thank you Studio 5!


Rachel Neubert


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