Clear My Schedule!


So as part of the morning routine, Choose, Act, Reflect, (C.A.R.) the students design their own plan of action for the week. It involves the students looking at what they are working on in each area, such as literacy, Unit of Inquiry, numeracy, and personal interest. They identify their goals, outline their learning plans, and flesh out what their success criteria will be. They ask themselves questions like, “what do I want to understand or be able to do by the end of the week?” and “what are the different ways I will try to learn this?” and “how will I know I have met my goal?”

I was so impressed by how articulate the kids were when it came to explaining their goals, and what plan of action they were going to take to achieve them. In my own classroom, if asked the same questions, my students might be able to explain their math goal and how they’re working on it, but much of the rest of the learning and goal setting is directed by me. Through my time with these Studio 5 kids, it’s clear how developing student agency and empowering the students with the skills and language allows them to take more ownership over their learning in such a basic but dramatic way. It’s changing the face and pace of the school day, and it is awesome.

Rachel Gabbert


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